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Rules for a happy, healthy family


James B Stenson believed that in a unified and healthy family, parents teach by example. Because of this, when creating rules for the family, each rule should all include the word “we.” Here are some of his famous rules for a happy, healthy family.

  1. We respect the rights and feelings of everyone. This is an easy one to put into practice. For example:
    • We tell everyone please, thank you, I’m sorry, I forgive you, etc.
    • We wait to speak and do not interrupt. If it’s something urgent, we say “excuse me.”
    • If we make a promise, we keep that promise.
    • We are respectful of other’s privacy and personal property. For example, we knock before entering a room and we receive permission before borrowing someone else’s property.
    • We apologize if we’ve offended someone–even if we didn’t mean to.
  2. We all contribute to matters of the home, specifically making it a clean, civilized, and smoothly running place to live.
    • If we make a mess, we clean it up.
    • Clothing belongs in drawers, closets, or in the laundry
    • Toys should always be put back in their proper places
  3. We give each other the information that they need to carry out their responsibilities
    • We always tell each other where we’re going, when we will return, who we are with, and what to do if we are late.
    • We introduce all new friends to the rest of the family
    • We return home and other events at a reasonable hour
    • We take phone messages promptly
  4. We use social media to promote family life and the wellbeing of all of those in our family. We do not permit social media to start fights.
    • We do not have anything in the home that offends our morals or views.
    • We watch TV and movies as a family
    • We spend our free time in conversation with one another, study, complete our chores, and playing games while getting to know and appreciate one another



Adapted from the Southwest Parents Committee. No copyright infringement intended.


  1. Avatar for trylife


    I agree with all of the rules. It is important that WE be willing to keep any and all rules that we make.

  2. Avatar for trylife


    I completely agree! As parents, we should always lead by example. If we don’t follow our own rules, why should our children?

  3. Avatar for trylife


    It’s important to let the kids know why we have the rules that we do when they get to the age they can understand. They can’t seem arbitrary or be unreasonable to them or they won’t respect the rules. Demonstrate they are for their good and protection, and if the parent follows them and enforces them lovingly,they will be obeyed.

  4. Avatar for trylife


    Wonderful rules for having a peaceful home! Much of it falls under another important rule: The Golden Rule – “do to others as you would have them do to you.” I love that the parents are included, as they should be!

  5. Avatar for trylife


    Children follow the guidelines their parents follow and set. Respecting each other is most important and respecting others.A family that prays together, stays together.

  6. Avatar for trylife

    Jerry Marelli

    Rules are necessary for all civilizations, all organizations, all families, all people. God loved us by giving us His rules: The Ten Commandments. Live is simple if we just put them into place.

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