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Why You Should Vote


November is fast approaching and one of the biggest presidency run is well underway. Some have indicated that this may be the hardest political decision this country has ever seen and many voters remain undecided as to who to vote for. But Pastor Dan Hendley of North Park Church in Wexford, PA offers 5 key biblical points on voting in the upcoming election.

  1. 1. When you first walk into the polls, remind yourself about how blessed we are. Give thanks to God for the mercies he has bestowed upon us as a nation. Give thanks that we have the ability to influence the direction of our government. Be thankful that you may walk into a polling place without persecution. This is a right that many do not have.
  2. 2. Think to yourself to what the candidate say about us as a people. Think about what it means that our government expects its citizens to not only allow but to pay for roughly 1 million abortions per year.
  3. 3. Remember how bad things have gotten in our nation, but think, too, about how much bigger than our problems is our God.
  4. 4. Think about your responsibility. You have the power!! We all participate in the governing process so that laws are made by us! When God speaks in the Bible to rulers, governors, and kinds, He is speaking to YOU! Romans 13 says that we have been given the sword to minister the injustice and vengeance of God upon evil doers. In a government of, by, and for the people, political passivity is pure negligence because we have an opportunity in November to promote what is right and just and good.
  5. 5. Remember the golden rule. Think about the great commandment to love thy neighbor. So don’t vote on just what is best for our personal or group interest but what will promote the common good. And most of all, we are to vote with regard to the disenfranchised—that is for those citizens who have no vote at all, primarily our children. So, which candidate will do the most good OR will do the least harm. What about those who say they can’t, in good conscience, vote for either candidate? A fallen world often puts is in situations that are highly uncomfortable. Pastor Dan asks “Do you think Harry Truman slept well after giving the orders to bomb Hiroshima?” Life throws enigmas our way but the guiding question is, “What will best promote human flourishing?”

But as a voter, you need to listen to what the candidates say. Watch what they have done and are doing. And make an informed but fallible judgement and the goal of that judgment is to promote the common good!

Listen to Pastor Dan’s full sermon here.



*Adapted from Pastor Dan Hendley's September 11th sermon.


  1. Avatar for trylife


    Many of my friends say they are not going to vote at all because they don’t like either candidate. I think this is a great piece to show them in order to sway their minds. It’s our civic duty to vote and help shape the world as we know it. We don’t have to particularly like either candidate but it’s great that Pastor Dan reminds us that we don’t HAVE to like either candidate. We just have to vote for which candidate will do the least harm or promote the most good. Thanks for the advice, Pastor!

  2. Avatar for trylife


    Please be in prayer for this election at all levels of government and that the state of our nation will awaken the Church to its responsibility to fear God and not man, and to be salt and light by obeying our sovereign God. Nothing is too hard for Him. He is working out His eternal purposes and cannot be thwarted. He responds to our cry for mercy.I wish there was a Pastor Dan in every church!

  3. Avatar for trylife


    Prayer is effective in defeating the enemies plan for America BUT praying the WORD of GOD as Jesus our example did is THEE “most” effective way of defeating the enemies plans. There is power in prayer true but the greatest power is the word of GOD. Spend time in the Word of GOD, get to know it, meditate on it, pray it……….guarantee it will make a difference in your personal prayer life, which will make a huge difference in your personal relationship with your heavenly Father.

  4. Avatar for trylife


    we as women fought long and hard for the right to vote , and we need to use that right or we may all lose it.

  5. Avatar for trylife


    While some more radical groups’ rights have increased in our country, those who have a more conservative & traditional viewpoint are losing our rights just as quickly. Our country was founded with these values – basic rights that we currently take for granted and progressives are going to steal if we continue to stay quiet!!!! Free speech, for example. (Have you heard discussion on legislation not allowing pastors to say certain things from the pulpit, or the claims of “hate speech” every time someone stands up for what they believe IF it’s conservative?) How about the right to bear arms, which was originally put in place to help citizens protect themselves from others who might harm them AND from a government gone array. Then there’s the pro-life issue — at BOTH ends of life…Are we really OK with partial-birth abortion (delivering a full-term baby except the head, sucking it’s brain out & delivering the rest —how can a civilized society do this??) – or some gov’t. entity plugging in an equation to see if an older person is eligible for life-saving meds rather than a Dr. and his patient & their family making those decisions? These are both “Progressive” ideals!! Add to that the fact that the supreme court justices that will be picked will likely determine which of these directions our country will travel for maybe the next 50 years……My question is, HOW CAN YOU NOT VOTE?

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