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Archive: 2015

  • 25 Days of Christmas Blessings

    With Christmas fast approaching, it’s so important to celebrate the true meaning of the season. Take time away from the hustle and bustle of the holiday and do something kind…

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  • Teaching Values to Children

    Teaching Values to Children As parents, we need to have in mind what values we are trying to pass on to our children. It may be helpful to try to…

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  • The Cycle of Success

    Success: The progress and realization of one’s worthy ideas. Success is not about the destination, it is about the journey. Success is something only you can give yourself!! PURPOSE BELIEF…

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  • Grandma’s Rule

    By: Lois Weidner First you do what I want you to do, then you can do what you want to do. Examples: Yes, you can go out to play as…

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  • Lois’ Cottage

    “Lois’ Cottage” is named in honor of Lois Weidner for her dedication to the Center since its inception – and we think this playhouse does her proud! Every child and…

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