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Archive: 2016

  • The True Origin of Thanksgiving

    Somewhere along the line the true meaning of Thanksgiving has been lost in our society.  It is important, however, to understand exactly what our ancestors endured for us – and…

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  • Why You Should Vote

    November is fast approaching and one of the biggest presidency run is well underway. Some have indicated that this may be the hardest political decision this country has ever seen…

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  • Getting Kids Ready For School

    Now that it’s August, it’s the fun time of the year–getting the kids ready to go back to school. While some parents love back-to-school time, others dread it. Suddenly their…

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  • Principles of Effective Parenting

    Have you ever wondered what makes effective parents? Check out the 4 A’s of becoming a great parent! Affection–this helps a child feel loved. Affection is important because a child…

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    With Mother’s Day right around the corner, have you ever wondered what makes Mom’s so special? Perhaps one of the biggest reasons mom’s are so special is their ability to…

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  • 100 Ways to Praise a Child

    Happy February! In honor of celebrating Valentine’s Day, we want you to celebrate the love you have for your child (or children) all month long with our 100 Ways to…

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  • New Year’s Revelations

    It’s here! January 2016. It’s a time that’s often riddled with people making promises to eat less fast food and start working out more. However, according to only 8…

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