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Think You Might be Pregnant?

Unplanned Pregnancy

Having symptoms of pregnancy and worried you might be pregnant? Recently taken a pregnancy test or missed a period? We understand the anxiety and confusion such unplanned events can bring. We can help!

We provide free pregnancy testing and accurate information, and our caring, knowledgeable and experienced staff will review all your options if the test is positive. If a baby isn’t in your future, let us help you consider alternatives. If you need someone to talk to who understands, please call our confidential 24-hour helpline at 724.339.9399. Get all the facts before you decide on the right choice for you.

Every day at TryLife Center, our dedicated staff and volunteers open our doors to those facing any number of trying life challenges. Are you a teenage girl who’s afraid because you just found out you’re pregnant, can’t tell your parents and aren’t sure what to do next? Or maybe you’re a single mother in need of diapers for your baby. Sometimes we see fathers trying to raise small children on their own with nowhere to turn, or perhaps your family is struggling to make ends meet, and in need of formula, baby clothes and parenting lessons. For all the mothers, fathers and families in Westmoreland, Allegheny, Armstrong and Butler Counties in need of hope, guidance and a listening ear, TryLife Center is always here for you.

We’re on your side

At TryLife Center, we’re not here to judge or tell you what’s best for you. We know that sometimes you just need a place to process things, to think through all your options, and to feel safe sharing what’s on your mind. That place is TryLife Center.

We provide information on all aspects of pregnancy and birth, facts on abortion and alternatives, parenting education and resources, health and safety issues faced by newborns and children, as well as how to recognize and prevent sexually transmitted diseases and infections (STD and STIs).

We can provide you with the support you need through your pregnancy and after you welcome your new baby. Expecting mothers and fathers are both welcome. We teach new parents what to expect during pregnancy, child birth, and after the baby is born. We provide new moms with free maternity clothes. We have private, one-on-one counseling to help you work through any issues you’re dealing with. After the baby is born, we support parents by providing them with diapers, formula, wipes, baby food, and so much more. All of our services are completely free.

“I had no where to turn when I found out I was pregnant. The Center became my safe haven…a place where I felt safe to make my own decisions.” G.B., client

Let us help you confidentially discuss your options, set and reach your goals, and turn wishes and dreams into reality for you and your family. Schedule an appointment with us online or by calling 724.339.9399.