Are You Considering Adoption?

Sometimes the best decisions in life are the hardest ones to make. Deciding on an adoption plan for your child is definitely a hard choice, but also very loving.

Understanding the Adoption Process

Adoption is surrounded by myths. Someone says, “she’s giving up her baby to strangers,” and people believe it’s true. It’s not. Those kinds of myths need to be corrected.

A loving mother never “gives up” her child. She chooses to give her child a better life. The couple she chooses has gone through a difficult process of background and criminal checks, answering questions, providing photos, and having a home study to make sure they’re prepared. They aren’t strangers.

Adoption today is totally in the hands of the birth mother (and birth father, if he’s willing). You choose the adoptive family, the type of environment you want for your child, and the adoption plan.

Be sure to select a reputable agency or adoption specialist who understands your state laws. Making an adoption plan for your child should be completely free for you. Our counselors can assist you in making these decisions.

The Types of Adoption Plans

There are three different adoption plans. Open adoption is the most common today. This plan allows you to have direct contact with the adoptive family and ultimately, your child. You can reassure yourself you made the right decision.

For complete privacy, you would make a closed adoption plan. No identifying information such as names or locations is shared. Some women feel this is an easier way to move on with their lives.

A semi-open adoption plan is somewhere in between the first two. You have the ability to contact the adoptive family and your child, but all communication is done through the adoption specialist you’ve chosen.

Why Choose Adoption?

Women from all walks of life have chosen to make adoption plans. Choosing adoption doesn’t mean you’re not a loving mother. Actually, in some situations, it’s the most loving thing you can do. There are many reasons you would choose adoption for your child.

  • Not ready to parent
  • You’re just beginning school or a career
  • The current relationship you’re in isn’t safe for a child
  • You have other children and bringing a new one into the family isn’t possible
  • You want to be a mother but can’t handle the day-to-day responsibilities

How We Can Help

Take a closer look at the option of adoption. We can refer you to agencies, support groups, and others who understand and have been where you are. We want you to have as much information as possible to make the best choice for you and your future.