We Meet You Where You Are.

TryLife Center opens our doors to those facing many of life’s challenges. We meet with women who have recently discovered they’re pregnant and aren’t sure what their next step is. We provide diapers and formula for a mother’s new baby. We meet with fathers trying to raise small children on their own and have nowhere to turn.

For all the mothers, fathers, and families in Westmoreland, Allegheny, Armstrong, and Butler Counties in need of hope, guidance, and a listening ear, TryLife Center is always here for you.

Your Appointment

Our staff values every life, especially yours, and we offer resources to help you make informed decisions.

New Clients are required to make appointments to we can appropriately serve you. Same-day appointments are often available, too! Walk-ins are welcome, but appointments are given priority.


Do you need emotional support? Are you worried about where you’ll get physical support for yourself and your family? TryLife Center offers both emotional and physical support. Everything from free options counseling to free diapers is available. Talk with us about your needs and we’ll find a way to support you.

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Options Counseling

None of the options for your unplanned pregnancy are easy but then life isn’t really easy either. The good news is, you do have options. At TryLife Center, we provide free options counseling. Schedule a time to sit down with your personal assistant and talk about your future goals. We’ll show you your options.

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STD/STI Testing

The fact that right now you could be spreading or getting an STI/STD is scary. You’d think you would know if you had an infection, but most people don’t have symptoms immediately. A lot of times symptoms show up later when your health problems get bigger. TryLife Center offers free STI/STD testing and treatment.

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Many women wonder why they even need an ultrasound. Isn’t a positive pregnancy test enough? You need more information and ultrasound is the easiest way to get it. Confirm your pregnancy, find out how long you’ve been pregnant, and learn if there are any risks. Get a free ultrasound after you’ve received a positive pregnancy test result from TryLife Center.

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Pregnancy Testing

When your period doesn’t start, your first thought is, “Could I be pregnant?” A late period is one of the early symptoms of pregnancy, but it isn’t the only one. Get free pregnancy testing by a medical professional at TryLife Center. There’s no reason to wait and wonder. Schedule your free appointment today.

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