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Thank You, Dads!


We can not begin to thank all the dads out there who love, value, and celebrate Fatherhood.  The role of a father is not to be underestimated.  According to the Father Involvement Research Alliance, 

Father involvement is positively correlated with children’s overall life satisfaction and their experience of less depression (Dubowitz et al., 2001; Field, Lang, Yando, & Bendell, 1995; Formoso, Gonzales, Barrera, & Dumka, 2007; Furstenberg & Harris, 1993; Zimmerman, Salem, & Maton, 1995), less emotional distress (Harris et al., 1998), less expressions of negative emotionality such as fear and guilt (Easterbrooks & Goldberg, 1990), less conduct problems (Formoso et al., 2007), less psychological distress (Flouri, 2005), greater sense of social competence (Dubowitz et al., 2001), higher levels of self-reported happiness (Flouri, 2005), fewer anxiety symptoms, and lower neuroticism (Jorm, Dear, Rogers, & Christensen, 2003).” 

The gift of parenthood is one of the greatest gifts. Fathers are critical to their child’s development.  Thank you to all of the dads who answer the call and love, guide, and teach their children. 

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    It’s a challenge to be a dad these days but I do what I can and I make an effort everyday.

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    Dads are definitely not to be underestimated! There’s nothing like witnessing a strong father/child relationship.

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    Thanks to all of dads out there, that have given unconditional love and care to a child, not their biological.

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    When I was young, I couldn’t accept all of the rules and restrictions that my father imposed on me. Now, as an adult, I appreciate the person he made me to be.

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    A Father who loves Jesus is an inspiration to his family. It is a legacy that will last for generations.

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