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Fundraising Tips


Now that you’ve registered to be a walker, the next step is to start fundraising! Whether you’re new to nonprofit fundraising or are a social fundraising master, this guide will help you raise funds for a cause that is near and dear to both of our hearts – saving the lives of unborn children. We want your fundraising journey to be easy and fun, so this guide is designed to walk you through creating a successful supporter-powered fundraising campaign.

Get ready to raise some funds for a good cause!

Setting up your fundraising page

Set Your Goal

Setting a goal for your fundraiser is your first step. Research suggests that an initial goal of $200 is a good place to start. Once you’ve reached your goal, you can increase it and raise more funds. You can set your goal on your personal FundEasy page. To set up your page, click the button labeled ‘Go to my page’ in the email you received after registering.

Pro Tip

To jumpstart your campaign, be the first one to donate! Showcasing that you’re not only a supporter but also a donor will encourage your network to give.

Tell Your Story

Your story is the first thing people will see when visiting your fundraising page, so your goal is to make it as impactful as possible.

It’s important to communicate how TryLife’s mission has impacted your life in a meaningful way and why you’ve decided to fundraise on our behalf. People are more likely to give if there’s an emotional connection. You can fill in your story on your FundEasy page.

Fundraising Best Practices

Leverage the power of your social network to meet fundraising goals and help us continue our mission! The success of your fundraising campaign depends heavily on the amount and ways that you’re sharing your campaign with friends, family, and colleagues. Social media, email, text messaging, and word of mouth are some of the best ways to get your request noticed.

What’s the Best Way to Share?

Sharing your fundraising campaign via your Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn, in addition to your own personal email list, is at the heart of every campaign. Leveraging these networks is how you’ll meet—and hopefully exceed your fundraising goals.

Pro Tip

Get personal and select a handful of your closest family and friends to reach out to as you announce your campaign. Close friends and family are more likely to donate, so getting them on board will let the rest of your network see that people are already supporting the cause.

How Often Should I Communicate with My Network?

There are five absolute times you should communicate with your network during a fundraising campaign:

  •  Campaign launch
  •  Midway goal
  •  Final push
  •  Campaign end or goal reached
  •  Thank you

We recommend maintaining momentum between each of these main milestone communications with one to two social posts per week and one weekly email to help keep your campaign top of mind. If you’re texting, use those requests judiciously and make sure that you’re not monopolizing the conversation with donation asks.

During the final push phase of your campaign, increasing your frequency to a few social posts a day has proven to be highly effective, so go for it!

We recommend creating a simple sharing schedule to plan out your communications ahead of time. This’ll save you time and make your campaign more fun and less stress. You can use Google Calendar, Google Sheets, or even a notebook to plan out when you’ll post to socials and email or text your network.

Ready, Set, Fundraise!

Now that you’ve learned all the fundraising tips, tricks, and best practices, it’s time to jump into it with confidence!

We’ve included pre-written communications for you to use at every major campaign milestone along with a planning calendar to make fundraising as easy as pie.

Copy, paste, and start fundraising!

Announcement #1: Campaign Launch


Right after you’ve completed setting up your fundraising page.


The purpose of this announcement is to let your online network (IRL & social media friends, family, peers, colleagues, neighbors) know that you’ve signed on to raise funds for a cause near and dear to your heart and that you need their help. Basically, you’ve got to get the word out to everyone you know to help you reach your fundraising goals. The goal is to share, share, share!

Subject Line:

Let’s raise some dough together for a good cause!


Hey, [Name]! I hope this finds you well. I’ve signed up to for TryLife Center’s virtual Walking, Running, and Strolling for Babies event and could really use your help. I’m committed to helping TryLife Center raise $20,000 which will help them share truth, love, and hope to individuals experiencing unexpected pregnancies to choose life for their unborn child. Every donation, large or small, makes a difference and moves TryLife Center closer to their fundraising goal. Are you interested in making a lasting impact? Please visit my fundraising page at [URL] and make a donation today! If you want to make an even larger impact, you can sign on as a walker, too, and create a fundraising site [Link to Campaign Site Landing Page] of your own, set your personal fundraising goal, and start spreading the news! Can’t donate or walk? No worries. Please consider forwarding this email to your friends and family to get the word out. Thanks so much for your support!

Announcement #2: Midway Goal


When you’re halfway to meeting your fundraising goal.


The purpose of the midway announcement is to share that you’re halfway to meeting your fundraising goals and still need help to get to the finish line. The tone should be excited in nature and get your network to feel motivated to help you reach your goals.

Subject Line:

Ohhh, we’re halfway there—$XX more to go!


[Name], I’ve got great news—I’m halfway to reaching my personal fundraising goal of [Goal Amount] raised for TryLife Center! Pretty awesome, right? All the money raised will help TryLife Center share truth, love, and hope to individuals experiencing unexpected pregnancies to choose life for their unborn child. Will you help me move the needle forward with a donation? Visit [Campaign Site Link] today. If TryLife’s mission is near and dear to your heart like it is mine, consider registering for their virtual Walking for Babies event and starting your own fundraising page to help them reach their goal more quickly! Plus, it’s a great way to leverage your awesome social media networks for a good cause. Thank you!

Announcement #3: Last Push


One day before the fundraiser ends.


The purpose is to inform your network that time is running out and they can help you reach your goals by donating and/or sharing your fundraiser with their network. These messages create a sense of urgency with a time-sensitive deadline so your network knows they only have a little time left to help you reach your goals.

Subject Line:

I’m close to my goal—will you help me reach it?


Hi [Name]! Believe it or not, I’ve raised [Amount Raised] for TryLife Center to help share truth, love, and hope to individuals experiencing unexpected pregnancies to choose life for their unborn child and I’m only [$XX] away from reaching my fundraising goal. If you haven’t donated yet, please donate now! If you’ve already donated, consider one more gift: share this link [Campaign Site Link] with your family, friends, and social networks. Imagine how much more can be accomplished if everyone joins in. Let’s do it!

Announcement #4: Goal Reached or Campaign End


When the campaign ends or you’ve hit your goal.


The purpose of this is to let your network know that the campaign has ended and/or you’ve reached your fundraising goals. The tone should be congratulatory and should thank your network for their contributions of donations/shares. This is also a great way to share the impact of their support.

Subject Line:

We did it!


[Name], with your help and support, I raised [$XX] for TryLife Center! I can’t thank you enough. TryLife Center will be able to continue their mission to help share truth, love, and hope to individuals experiencing unexpected pregnancies to choose life for their unborn child. I hope you feel good about your contribution because I sure appreciate it. I hope we can continue to help organizations like TryLife reach their fundraising goals. World change happens one person at a time, and I’m happy we were able to make a difference together. Until next time!

Announcement #5: Thank You Letter


One week after the campaign has ended.


The purpose is to thank everyone who helped support you in reaching your fundraising goals with a personal message.

Hand-Written Letter:

Dear [Supporter Name],

We did it! Thanks to your support, I met my fundraising goal of $XX for TryLife Center. TryLife Center will be able to continue their mission to help share truth, love, and hope to individuals experiencing unexpected pregnancies to choose life for their unborn child.

It felt so good to have my friends and family join me in raising money for such a great cause. Reaching this goal is a testament to the power of social fundraising and what we can achieve if we all work together toward a common goal. I hope you feel great about your contribution because I couldn’t have done it without you. Hope we can make some more fundraising magic in the future.

Until then, cheers!