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Parent & Baby Program

We support expecting parents by providing them with the necessities they need to care for their children. We do this through our Learn to Earn program. Parents come to the center to learn about various stages in childhood development, STIs/SDS, budgeting, and more. We also provide information on all aspects of pregnancy and birth, how to recognize and prevent sexually transmitted diseases and infections (STD and STIs), facts on abortion and alternatives, parenting education and resources, as well as health and safety issues faced by newborns and children.

Parents earn points with each activity which allows them to buy baby items in our baby boutique. In our baby boutique, we have all the baby essentials, including diapers, formula, wipes, food, and clothes.

“I’ve learned how to manage my new life, and make a plan so that all my goals can still be accomplished.” M.S., teenage mom

Unplanned Pregnancy

We help parents deal with unexpected pregnancies by supporting them with necessities they need to care for their baby. We also provide counseling and education on how to care for their new baby. We offer fresh alternatives and opportunities to explore free, positive options for the problems parents face. This includes the ability for parents to earn baby necessities through educational activities, goal setting and achievement, counseling and volunteering at the center.

“I had no where to turn when I found out I was pregnant. The Center became my safe haven…a place where I felt safe to make my own decisions.” G.B., client

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