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Sexual Integrity Program

No need to EXPECT the unexpected!

unExpected” is an informative and interactive program that will reach some 3,000 teens this school year in 14 middle schools and high schools in Allegheny and Westmoreland counties. Offered free of charge to school districts, the program encourages young people to set achievable goals based on integrity, respect and commitment, to maintain sexual abstinence and to make healthy decisions for themselves.

“I realized that I’m good enough to wait for.” T.C., Valley Middle School

Many students tell us no one had ever challenged them to think about future goals, and that this is the first time they’ve heard messages about abstinence from parents, friends or at school. With teens being bombarded daily with sexual messages from TV, movies, music and social media, TryLife Center offers a different type of message with a three-fold purpose:

  • Supporting the message of goal-setting and developing a plan of action to ensure a more positive future
  • Providing information on the risks of sexual activity outside marriage, such as an unplanned pregnancy, getting a sexually transmitted disease or facing the emotional anxiety of having sex too soon
  • Promoting confidence in students to realize that their worth isn’t dependent on whether or not they have sex, and learning how to set healthy boundaries to resist the pressures and temptations they face

“The presentation gave me ideas on how to deal with peer pressure and make good choices.” S.H., Deer Lakes High School

TryLife believes that our abstinence course also offers significant economic and sociological benefits, because teens that have gone through the program are less likely to engage in underage drinking, smoking or using illegal drugs, and are better able to focus on academic achievement.

“This program had quite an impact on me. I’m more aware of the risks I was taking. It changed my whole life.” A.W., Burrell High School

For more information on scheduling a program for a youth group, please call 724.339.9399 x105.