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Let’s Save More Women from Cervical Cancer


One woman dies of cervical cancer every two hours in the United States. We have the power to change this STAT.

Cervical cancer is preventable,* but regular testing is key. Unfortunately, too many women skip their annual exams and aren’t tested. More than half of new cervical cancer cases occur in women who have never or rarely been tested. If all women got tested regularly for cervical cancer, more lives would be saved.

That’s why Hologic has launched We Can Change This STAT in partnership with Erin Andrews, who you may know as a Fox NFL reporter and “Dancing with the Stars” host. Erin has a powerful story to tell about how regular testing for cervical cancer saved her life! Fortunately, Erin’s cancer was found early with routine testing and was treatable. Now cancer-free, Erin is partnering with Hologic to help motivate more women to get tested regularly for cervical cancer.

We Can Change This STAT aims to educate women about the need for regular testing and testing with both Pap + HPV together, a combination that provides the best possible protection against cervical cancer. Ninety-five percent of cervical cancers are detected by testing with Pap+HPV Together.

Thanks to innovations by Hologic and others in cervical cancer screening, the number of cervical cancer cases in U.S. women has been cut in half over the last 40 years. At Hologic, we’re working to bring that number as close to zero as possible with our market-leading tests to detect cervical disease.

Together, by encouraging all women to get screened regularly, we can save more lives.

Make an appointment for your annual exam today, and tell the women you love to do it, too.

For more information on what Hologic is doing to fight cervical cancer, please visit

*As many as 93 percent of cervical cancers could be prevented by screening and HPV vaccination.


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By: Fred Walker, March 8, 2018

Vice President, Worldwide Marketing at Hologic, Inc.

No copyright infringement intended.



  1. Avatar for trylife

    Rose M

    Prevention is sometimes more important than cures. While none of us like going for our “annual” it’s so necessary. Really good info.

  2. Avatar for trylife


    As the saying goes, “An ounce of prevention = a pound of cure.” Take the time and save a very important life – your own!!

  3. Avatar for trylife


    Being a CA survivor I can speak with authority on early detection……………it saved my life!!

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