Am I Ready to Be a Parent?

Sometimes life throws us a curveball. You were planning on being a mother one day, not today though. No matter where you are in life, it’s possible to be a mother. We can show you how and we’ll support you along the way.

Choosing to Parent

Like all of your choices for your unexpected pregnancy, parenting isn’t an easy decision. Perhaps the father of your child is no longer in the picture or you feel you don’t have the help you need to parent.

Whether you are married, single, or co-parenting, we have the resources you need to become successful. No parent is perfect, but with love, support, and education, you can be the best parent your child needs.

How Can You Support Me?

There are more resources available today than ever before. It is possible to parent independently.

Pregnancy and Birth

We provide information on all aspects of pregnancy and childbirth.  Expecting mothers and fathers are always welcome at TryLife Center. Whether it’s free maternity clothes or one-on-one counseling to help you with relationships or other issues, we’re here for you.


We’ll support you through your pregnancy and after you welcome your new baby. Our classes give new parents the confidence they need after the baby is born. Learn health and safety tips for newborns and young children. You will be able to provide your baby with diapers, formula, wipes, food, and more. You’ll even receive a gift from us welcoming your baby to the TryLife family. Of course, all of our services are completely free.

Parent and Baby

Through our Parent & Baby Program, we can provide parents the necessities they need to provide for their children. Expecting parents and parents with biological children under three are eligible for our program.

This program offers all items and services for free. You’ll never be turned away. The program operates as a rewards system called “learn to earn.” As you view instructional DVDs, participate in counseling sessions, and attend parenting classes, you’ll earn points. You can trade in points in for infant and toddler items. We have everything you could possibly need as a new parent!

Confidential One-On-One Counseling

Families today have numerous needs that are often best addressed by talking things through.

We offer free one-on-one counseling in areas such as:

  • Adoption
  • Child-rearing
  • Crisis management
  • Family relationships
  • Individual growth and goal setting
  • Marriage
  • Post-abortion

If you’re interested in scheduling a free one-on-one counseling session, please make an appointment by calling the Center at 724.339.9399, ext. 114.