Bright Futures for Families

FamilyLife Network, Inc. is a faith-based, life-affirming nonprofit committed to providing holistic services to positively impact families in our community. Yes, we recently changed our name, but our services are the same! Learn more by clicking here.

We currently operate two programs that offer free services to families within our community: Origins Family & Pregnancy Services and Insight Medical Clinic.

Origins Family & Pregnancy Services

Origins provides free and ongoing support and education to expectant, new, and experienced parents. We aim to provide our clients with all of the support, education, and resources they need to navigate their parenting journey.

Learn more about this program by clicking here!

Insight Medical Clinic

Insight Medical Clinic clinic provides free pregnancy tests and limited OB ultrasounds. Clients can also receive free educational and referral resources. The clinic’s STD/STI testing and HIV/Hep C screening services are paused for now, but will be available again in the future.

The clinic will have a new website soon!

Disclaimer:  Insight Medical Clinic does not perform or refer for abortion procedures.