Looking for group opportunities?

Is your church or organization looking for a local, faith-based nonprofit to support or partner with? We would love to speak with you about how we can support you, how you can support us, and how we can work together to support families in our community! A few opportunities for groups are listed below, but we welcome your ideas!

Contact clientservices@trylife.center for more information.


We can always use help sorting, counting, and cleaning our donations! We also need help throughout the year to deep clean the building and do outdoor maintenance projects.

Organize A Drive

Consider organizing or hosting a drive to collect material items such as diapers/wipes, items for new moms, clothing, period products, etc. Click here for a detailed list of items that our clients regularly need.

Contact your church, school, friends, family, or community and organize a drive!

Host a Baby Shower

Option 1: Organize and host a baby shower at your church or in your community to benefit FamilyLife Network and our programs.  Invite guests to bring a gift for moms and/or babies.  Our moms always appreciate it when we have self-care items available, such as body lotion, body wash, etc.  New baby essentials such as diaper rash cream, formula, sensitive laundry detergent, sealed teethers, clothing, and toys are always welcome!

Option 2: At your baby shower, ask your guests to bring an item to donate and fill a crib or pack ‘n’ play or items to donate to us!  Incorporate it as one of your shower games and offer your guests extra raffle tickets for each item they bring to donate!

Hold a “Change for Life” Campaign

Many churches, organizations, and businesses regularly hold Change for Life campaigns (also known as baby bottle campaigns) to raise funds to support our programs.  The participants distribute our specially designed baby bottles and ask their members/patrons to fill the bottles with loose change, cash and checks over a period of time, usually a few weeks. Once the bottles are returned, we calculate all donations and will let you know your total!

Change for Life also has virtual and hybrid options!  Check out our 2024 virtual campaign here.  You can create your own team, customize your team’s page, and set your own goal amount. If you want to host a hybrid campaign that also uses baby bottles, email finance@trylife.center to let us know how many bottles you need.