Looking for group opportunities?

Is your church or other organization looking for a local, faith-based nonprofit to support or partner with? We would love to speak with you about how we can support you, how you can support us, and how we can work together to better our community!

Here are a few ideas for groups:

Hold a Baby Bottle Campaign

Many churches, organizations, and businesses regularly hold Baby Bottle Campaigns to raise funds to support our “Parent & Baby” program.  The participants distribute our specially designed baby bottles and ask their members/patrons to fill the bottles with loose change, cash and checks over a period of time, usually a few weeks. Once the bottles are returned to the Center, we calculate all donations and acknowledge the host(s) of the campaign in our newsletter.

We also have virtual and hybrid options!  Check out our virtual Baby Bottle Campaign here.  You can create your own team, customize your team’s page, and set your own goal amount. If you want to host a hybrid campaign that also uses baby bottles, just call the Center and let us know how many bottles you need.

Our goal is to reach $25,000 in 2022 in celebration of our 25th anniversary!  All proceeds from our Baby Bottle Campaigns directly support our Parent and Baby Program.

Organize A Diaper Drive

1 in 3 families struggles to afford diapers and wipes, especially if they have more than one young child.  Until a child is potty-trained, usually between 24-36 months, the cost is nearly $100 a month for diapers alone. Without an adequate supply of diapers, children cannot go to childcare and without childcare, parents cannot go to school or work.

TryLife Center supplies nearly 20,000 diapers to our families each year. We are able to do this because of the generous contributions from local churches, clubs, schools, and individuals.

We are always in need of:

  • Diapers up to Size 7
  • Pull-Ups/Training Pants up to 4T-5T
  • Baby Wipes

Contact your church, school, friends, family, or community and organize a drive!

Contact clientservices@trylife.center to get more information, promotional materials, and to get your drive started!

Host a Baby Shower

Option 1: Organize and host a baby shower at your church or in your community to benefit TryLife Center.  Invite guests to bring a gift for moms and/or babies.  Our moms always appreciate it when we have self-care items available, such as body lotion, body wash, etc.  New baby essentials such as diaper rash cream, formula, sensitive laundry detergent, sealed teethers, clothing, and toys are always welcome!

Option 2: At your baby shower, ask your guests to bring an item to donate and fill a crib or pack ‘n’ play for TryLife Center.  Incorporate it as one of your shower games and offer your guests extra raffle tickets for each item they bring to donate!

Contact clientservices@trylife.center to get more information, promotional materials, and to get started!

Host a Mom Drive!

We want to help our kids and their parents meet their needs! Quality feminine products can be expensive and hard to find. Unfortunately, we rarely get donations of these products. We want to take the weight of meeting those basic hygienic needs off our moms’ shoulders. Here are some new items that our clients love to have:

  • Pads (Always, Kotex, Stayfree, L., Rael, Lola, Organyc, etc.)
  • Tampons (Tampax, Kotex, Playtex, L., Lola, Honest, etc.)
  • Menstrual Cups
  • Post-Partum Hygiene Products (Large Pads or Disposable Underwear, Witch Hazel, Peri Bottle, Cooling/Heating Pads, Burn/Itch Spray, etc.)
  • Breastfeeding Supplies (Breast Pumps, Breast Pads, Lanolin Cream, Storage Bags, etc.)
  • Body Wash and Bar Soap
  • Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Deodorant
  • Some wants (sugar scrubs, face masks, perfumes, lotions, etc.)

Contact clientservices@trylife.center to get more information, promotional materials, and to get your drive started!