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FamilyLife Network (formerly TryLife Center) is a faith-based, life-affirming nonprofit serving families in the Alle-Kiski Valley area and beyond.

Our Vision

Bright futures for families

Our Mission

Providing holistic services to positively impact families with our values

Our Values

Faith: We are committed to sharing the love of Christ through faith in action by serving families in our community.

Family: We believe that families are the building blocks of society and strive to build thriving, healthy families through our programs.

Dignity: We celebrate the inherent and equal value of every human life, from conception to natural death. We are committed to fostering an environment where our clients, volunteers, funders, and staff are seen, heard, valued, respected, and especially loved.

Community: We believe that a community’s most precious asset is the health of its families. We seek to complement existing resources and collaborate with other agencies and partners in our community to benefit local families.

Quality: We provide better and brighter tomorrows for those we serve by continually evaluating and improving our programs. We use a data-driven approach and aim to deliver evidence-based information and services wherever possible.

Stewardship: We hold ourselves to the highest standards of practice and carry out our mission and responsibilities in an effective, ethical, and transparent manner. We are upfront and honest about the services we do and do not provide within our programs.

Our Programs


(formerly referred to as the “Main Program” or the “Parent & Baby Program”)

Origins Vision
Support for every parent

Origins Mission
Empowering parents through supportive care and education

Services Provided
Pregnancy, parenting, and life skills support & education
Material assistance
Community referrals
Free childcare during onsite programming


More information about the clinic will be announced soon!

Our History

Our organization, founded by Lois Weidner, began in 1997 as Tri-City Life Center, Inc. with a small office in New Kensington. We started by supporting young pregnant women who were facing unplanned pregnancies. Our staff helped them work through issues such as unsupportive partners, pressure from family members, and uncertainty about the future.

We later began doing business as TryLife Center as we expanded into our current building on Wildlife Lodge Road. We also expanded our reach, serving both moms and dads with children up to three years of age. In 2018, we added limited medical services.

In 2023, we decided to revitalize to better position the organization for a sustainable future. We restructured into a parent organization (FamilyLife Network, Inc.) with our programs separated out underneath the umbrella of the parent organization. This structure will not only allow for more autonomy within our programs, it will enable us to grow and add new programs in the future!



FamilyLife Network (formerly Tri-City Life Center, Inc.) is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Updating our name with government entities takes time, and you may temporarily still see us show up as Tri-City Life Center, Inc. on certain documents or websites.

We are affiliated with:

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Meet Our Team

FamilyLife Network, Inc.

Amber Blair, MSW, LSW, MT-BC
Chief Executive Officer

Alyssa Pater
Chief Financial Officer

Origins Family & Pregnancy Services

Allison Sedlacek, BSW, LAS

Jeannie Dennis
Client Support Specialist

Mariah Johnson
Client Support Specialist

Olivia Kennard
Receptionist | Program Assistant

Claudette Washington
In-Kind Donations Coordinator


Joanna DeDomenic, RDMS
Ultrasound Technician

Michelle Plocki, RN

Board of Directors

Cynthia Sakala

Samuel Robb
Vice President

Patricia Ziringer

Joseph Schmidt

Jessica Donatelli

Fred Neal

Advisory Board

Lindsay Venditti, MD
Medical Director, Clinic


FamilyLife Network, Inc. is a volunteer driven organization, and we are incredibly blessed by the generosity of our faithful volunteers who provide more than $40,000 annually in free services.  If you have time or talent to share, we would love to have you join our team! Click the button below to learn more about volunteering, or apply now!

Volunteering: Learn More

Bright Futures for Families

FamilyLife Network, Inc. is a faith-based, life-affirming nonprofit committed to providing holistic services to positively impact families in our community. Yes, we recently changed our name! Learn more by clicking here.

We currently operate two programs that offer free services to families within our community: Origins Family & Pregnancy Services and our Clinic.

Origins Family & Pregnancy Services

Origins provides free and ongoing support and education to expectant, new, and experienced parents. We aim to provide clients with all of the support, education, and resources they need to navigate their parenting journey.

Learn more about this program by clicking here!


Our clinic provides free pregnancy tests and limited OB ultrasounds. Clients can also receive free educational and referral resources. The clinic’s STD/STI testing and HIV/Hep C screening services are paused for now, but will be available again in the future.

The clinic will have a new website soon!

Disclaimer:  FamilyLife Network and its programs do not perform or refer for abortion procedures.

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FamilyLife Network, Inc.
1155 Wildlife Lodge Road
Lower Burrell, PA 15068

Phone: 724.339.9399
Email: info@trylife.center

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