Volunteers Are Essential!

We would not be able to operate if it weren’t for our volunteers! We have volunteer opportunities in all departments, with many commitment levels, and for people with all kinds of different skills and talents. Below you can see our volunteer opportunities and requirements.

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General Volunteer Qualifications/Requirements:

  • Ability and willingness to demonstrate personal commitment to the mission, values, and beliefs of TryLife Center in the execution of any position responsibilities
  • Ability to respect confidentiality
  • Ability to complete required trainings (if applicable)
  • Additional qualifications may apply and are listed per position (qualifications and requirements are subject to change)

Volunteer Positions

Building Maintenance Team

We need volunteers throughout the year to help us with the upkeep of our building (generally on an as needed basis) or with special projects. Email director@trylife.center for more information or apply here.

Additional Qualifications:

  • Must be at least 18 years old.

Childcare Assistant

Our Childcare Assistant volunteers supervise children in the play area (Lois’ Cottage) while parents shop, speak with a counselor, or participate in educational activities. It is such a blessing to parents when they can have a few moments to themselves at the Center to focus on their goals, and kids LOVE our play area! Email clientservices@trylife.center for more information or apply here.

Additional Qualifications:

  • Childcare or babysitting experience
  • Must be at least 18 years or older OR 15 years with references, clearances, and a work permit
  • Current clearances required

Client Assistant

Our client assistants are absolutely vital to the operation of our Family Program. Client assistants are trained to help clients select and complete educational videos, shop in our store, and provide clients with a warm, supportive experience at the Center. Email clientservices@trylife.center for more information or apply here.

Additional Qualifications:

  • Must be at least 18 years or older
  • Current clearances required
  • Proficient computer skills preferred (you’ll be trained either way!) and willingness to be trained on different types of software
  • A sincere desire to interact with our clients and their families with unconditional love, acceptance, support, and understanding
  • Available to volunteer for a 3 to 4 hour shift during client hours weekly or biweekly

Church or Community Partner

Is your church or other organization looking for a local, faith-based nonprofit to support or partner with? We would love to speak with you about how we can support you, how you can support us, and how we can work together to better our community! Check out some of our suggested group volunteer activities. Email director@trylife.center with ideas or for more information.

Development Assistant

We welcome volunteers with demonstrated grant writing, fundraising, and/or event planning experience to help us meet our development goals. Email director@trylife.center for more information or apply here.


We need dedicated volunteers to 1.) drive our Mobile Medical Unit (days/hours vary) and 2.) assist as needed with pick up and/or drop off of donations and other supplies from the Westmoreland County Food Bank, Sam’s Club, churches, the Western PA Diaper Bank, etc. Email director@trylife.center for more information or apply here.

Additional Qualifications:

  • Must be 21 years or older
  • Hold a valid PA driver’s license and clean driving record
  • Available during Mobile Unit and/or office hours, or as needed

In-Kind Donations Assistant

A position for those who love to organize! We are incredibly blessed by the many donations that come through our infamous red door from the community. Our in-kind donations assistants help to sort, clean, and count/track all donations that we receive before they are made available to our clients. You may be asked to help keep the store area tidy and organized. Email clientservices@trylife.center for more information or apply here.

Additional Qualifications:

  • May need to lift heavy items
  • Available to volunteer during Red Door donation hours

Marketing, Social Media, & Community Relations Volunteers

Are you a social media or marketing guru, or do you possess the unique gift of connecting a community to a cause? We welcome volunteers with relevant experience to help us expand our impact! Email marketing@trylife.center for more information or apply here.

Medical Volunteers

We are hoping to create a pool of qualified medical professionals (specifically registered nurses and sonographers) to volunteer their time and talents to the TLC Clinic and Mobile Medical Unit. Our clinic/medical unit provides free services including limited OB ultrasounds, pregnancy testing, STI testing, and HIV/Hep C screening. Email director@trylife.center for more information or apply here.

Additional Requirements:

  • Must be 21 years or older
  • Hold a valid PA driver’s license and clean driving record
  • Current clearances
  • Proof of medical certification/license, as applicable
  • Available during Mobile Unit and/or clinic office hours

Office/Admin Assistant

Our office/admin assistant volunteers bless the Center by completing various clerical and administrative tasks such as coordinating our Baby Bottle Campaigns, assisting with mailings, helping with data entry, etc. Email director@trylife.center for more information or apply here.

Additional Qualifications:

  • Available to volunteer during office hours, usually as needed

Prayer Team

Prayer is the #1 way you can help. We believe that prayer is essential to everything we do here at TryLife Center, and we are always blessed and encouraged when we are supported in prayer. If you are interested in becoming a member of our Prayer Team, email director@trylife.center and we will email you monthly prayer requests for the Center.


If you have a talent to share that is not listed, reach out and let us know how you want to help. We may not always be able to immediately accommodate, but we love new ideas! We also welcome groups, and will work with you to organize an appropriate project. Email director@trylife.center for more information.

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Contact us:


1155 Wildlife Lodge Road
Lower Burrell, PA 15068

Phone: 724.339.9399
Fax: 724.334.2329
Email: info@trylife.center

Office Hours:

Monday – Thursday
10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Friday – Closed

Red Door Donation Hours:

Monday & Wednesday
10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Tuesday & Thursday
10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

No Donations Received on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

We couldn’t do it with YOU!

Your support provides us with enhanced reliability, efficiency, and planning in our use of resources as we work to empower women and families.  In 2021, we completed 1,121 client visits! Thank you for your support!

Financial Donations

Your financial contributions enable us to provide free and ongoing support and resources to families in our community. If you would like to make a fiscal donation, you can do so online by clicking the button below.

Donate Now

We also accept fiscal donations by mail or in person. If you would like more information or to speak about your financial donations, please call the finance office at 724-339-9399 ext. 105 or email finance@trylife.center.

Material Donations

TryLife Center is blessed to receive items daily from generous individuals and families in our community. If you have something to donate, please drop it off at the red door in the middle of the building anytime during our donation hours.

Donation Hours

  • Monday & Wednesday, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
  • Tuesday & Thursday, 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

We are closed Friday-Sunday. Please do not drop off items outside our donation hours. Those items could be destroyed by weather, stolen, etc. 

What Items Can I Donate?

We accept any new or gently used items for parents and babies. Baby items should be appropriate for children up to 3 years old. Some common items include:

  • Diapers or Pull-Ups/Training Pants (new, unopened)
  • Baby Wipes (new, unopened)
  • Formula or other food items (new, unopened)
  • Baby food, Pedialyte, etc. (new, unopened)
  • Baby and kids clothing up to size 4T
  • Baby and kids shampoos, soaps, etc.
  • Baby and kids furniture items: changing tables, bassinets, Pack ‘N Plays, Cribs (must be NEW), baby baths, jumpers, walkers, exersaucers, etc.
  • Toys (appropriate for 3 or under)
  • Feminine hygiene products (pads, tampons, disposable underwear/diapers, soaps, shampoo, etc.)
  • Breastfeeding supplies (breast pumps, nipple butter, breast pads, etc.)
  • Sensitive/baby friendly laundry detergent

Some common items we CANNOT accept include:

  • Adult Clothing (we only accept maternity clothing)
  • Used, opened, or expired food products
  • USED Car Seats or Booster Seats*
  • USED Cribs*
  • USED Crib Mattresses
  • USED Stuffed Animals
  • Large furniture items such as couches, dressers, etc. (we only accept baby or kid-specific furniture)

Please call ahead if you are unsure that we accept certain items. It costs us money to dispose of items we cannot accept, which is money better spent on our clients’ needs. Thank you for your generosity!

*Per our insurance policy, we are not allowed to give away used Car Seats or Cribs to anyone. Please take those items elsewhere so they can be used by someone in need! Give us a call at 724-339-9399 if you would like a list of referrals to other organizations that may accept those items.

Other Ways You Can Help

Read our latest Annual Report to learn more about our impact:

Click here to download.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

Tiffanee’s Story

Tiffanee & Navi

“TryLife, where do I begin…

“I was 40 years old coming into this pregnancy. I was 26 at the birth of my first child, Nygel, unwed and not exactly happy about my situation. After all these years, I never dreamed that I would be in the same situation. I wasn’t even sure I could carry a baby to term, especially at my age with all the medical conditions I’ve suffered through.

“2020 was rough for me. I’d been in jail for 5 months, was released because of COVID, only to end up in a major car accident and then end up pregnant to a man who did not want to be with me. I was reeling to say the least. Unhappy about a pregnancy that was my heart’s desire. The situation wasn’t ideal, but I pushed through. After the birth of my daughter, her father abandoned us. He spent my whole pregnancy with me only to disappear whenever Navi came into the world.

“TryLife provided me with a place to go. A safe haven to speak. The help and the education I needed. Endless resources. It helped me to keep the faith. I was mad at God. I didn’t understand why I was reliving a negative situation. Nygel’s dad is gone and Navi’s dad didn’t want her. I was able to come to TryLife and have good people pray with me and for me. I was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, even when I felt like giving up. I love coming to TryLife Center and will forever be grateful for the care I have received.”

Abigail’s Story

Abigail w/Her Husband & Kids

I will never forget the first day I walked into TryLife. I had my son that was only a couple months old, and I had no idea what great blessings I was about to experience! I was welcomed with open arms and soon TryLife was like my family… everyone listened to my story and was there to give me good advice. I was a first-time mom, not married, trying to figure out what I was supposed to do with my life. TryLife encouraged me to watch educational videos with topics on raising infants, spiritual teachings, and everyday life lessons such as budgeting, getting out of debt, relationships, work, daycare etc.

“I always seen advertisements for TryLife Center and thought they were there to help girls out that were pregnant and did not know what to do. Was I wrong! They are there not just to help a girl out that finds out she is pregnant and not knowing what to do, but also for girls that have babies already and for dads and married couples looking to learn everything they can about raising a child and other life lessons, and in the process, earn points to spend in the store for baby clothes, diapers, wipes, formula, toys, cribs, car seats, and everything you can think of for a baby!! Also, Maternity clothes for expecting mothers!

“TryLife Center also gives one on one time to talk about your life. They always are ready to give sound and good advice. They have helped me with advice about my relationship with my now husband and advice on raising babies. I now have a little girl too!

“I have learned how to trust God for everything, and He will provide. I have learned each milestone my children should be hitting and at what age. I have learned how to handle a child with tantrums and strong wills. I have learned how to discipline a child. Now I was raised in a good, structured home, and I had learned a lot over the years, but with each video I watch it refreshes me on things I already knew or gives me a new idea how to handle something differently. Recently they have started doing a sermon each month that you can earn double the points and you learn so much in those sermons! Also, with each video you watch you can do a worksheet to earn extra points and helps you remember what you learned! Then there is also homework to take home and recap what you learned from the video you watched and again you earn more points!!

“I have not had to buy clothes for my two children and very few diapers and wipes because I try to make an appointment once a week and save points to exchange for things the children need! My Children love coming to because they love picking out toys from the toy section!! 

“TryLife Center has become my second family. I have seen many volunteers come and go, but with each one all hold a special place in my heart and make it feel like family. You are always welcome, and it is a safe place to tell them anything and they will help you through life!”

Bertrand’s Story

Bertrand & His Sons

Bertrand is a single father of two boys, Bertrand, Jr. and Zion. Their mother left when Zion was a little baby, and Bertrand never expected to be raising two little boys on his own. Zion has sickle cell anemia, which is very hard on him and, of course, hard on Bertrand, too.

“Sometimes I just don’t know what to do. I work as a school bus driver part-time so that I can be home with my boys most of the time.”

He took the boys out to play one day and realized he was in a tough spot, not sure he had the knowledge or power to help his sons be the men they need to be. He started to cry and Bertrand Jr. put his arms around his father’s and said, “It’s OK, Daddy.” He decided then and there that they were a team and were going to get through it together.

Suddenly he remembered that when Bertrand Jr. was a little baby, he and their mother went to the TryLife Center, where they got help with a car seat, crib, stroller, formula and diapers. This time we offered him counseling and education, as well as help with clothes for the boys, cereal, juice, food, and what the boys like most – toys!

“The ladies who work [at TryLife]– I call them saints, because they give me moral, psychological and spiritual support. The counselors who work there are teaching me how to be a good father and mother. I’m not a church-going man, but I feel like TryLife is my Tabernacle, because of the light and joy I feel when I go there. Now I’m not only surviving as a parent, but I’m personally doing well.”




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Past Newsletters


Amber Blair, MSW, LSW, MT-BC
Executive Director

Maddie Crytzer
Director of Client Services | Director of Marketing

Joey DeDomenic, RDMS
Ultrasound Technician (TLC Clinic)

Jeannie Dennis
Peer Counselor

Erica Kemp
Peer Counselor | Resource Specialist

Olivia Kennard

Amy McIlwain
Office Manager

Alyssa Pater
Fiscal Manager

Michelle Plocki, RN
Nurse (TLC Clinic)

Linda Tamarella
Program Assistant

Claudette Washington
In-Kind Donations Coordinator | Medical Assistant (TLC Clinic)

Board of Directors

Cynthia Sakala

Michael Korns
Vice President

Patricia Ziringer

Joseph Schmidt

Rebecca Moyes

Quandra Nickols

Samuel Robb

Advisory Board

Open Position
Medical Director

James Bendel, Honorary Ph.D.
St. Vincent College: Director of Planned Giving

Lindsay Berdell Bock
Trib Total Media: Executive Director, Marketing

Mary Ann Miller
Mary Ann Miller Communications, LLC: President

Michael J. Myers
Michael Myers, CPA

Christopher Smith
Executive Coach


TryLife Center is a volunteer driven organization, and we are incredibly blessed by the generosity of our faithful volunteers who provide more than $40,000 annually in free services.  If you have time or talents to share, we would love to have you join our family! Click here to learn more about volunteering, or apply now!


Helping Families Succeed

TryLife Center is a faith-based, nonprofit pregnancy and family resource center. We are dedicated to promoting the life of the unborn child and ensuring the well-being of their parents and families.

Humble Beginnings

TryLife Center began in 1997 as Tri-City Life Center with a small office in New Kensington. We started by supporting young pregnant women who were facing unplanned pregnancies.  Our staff helped them work through issues such as unsupportive partners, pressure from family members, and uncertainty about the future.

We later updated our name to TryLife Center to better reflect our life-affirming mission. TryLife Center is now located in Lower Burrell, and our geographic service area includes the entire Alle-Kiski Valley area. We serve clients from Allegheny, Armstrong, Butler, and Westmoreland Counties.

Serving Families in Our Community

We believe that a community’s most precious asset is the health of its families.  Our comprehensive programs offer a variety of tools to help both moms and dads learn to be positive parents who make informed and healthy choices for their families.

We offer support to our clients during each phase of pregnancy and provide assistance from birth until a child is three years of age. Our main program offers free and ongoing education, peer counseling, material assistance, community referrals, and more.

Our in-house clinic provides STD/STI testing, HIV/Hep C screening, pregnancy testing, and limited OB ultrasounds.  These services are free and open to anyone in the community. You might see our mobile medical unit in a neighborhood near you!

How to Help

TryLife Center couldn’t help families succeed without the your help. We are always looking for community partners, volunteers, fiscal and material donors, and more to support our mission.

TryLife Center is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and is accredited through the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations (PANO). We are also affiliated with Heartbeat International and Real Alternatives.

Click here to download our most recent annual report.

Join Our Team!

We are seeking a Medical Director:

Medical Director (TLC Clinic)

Are you a physician looking for a unique opportunity to serve your community? This may be the position (volunteer or paid) for you!  Learn about our mission and clinic services.  For more information about the position requirements, please email director@trylife.center.

Volunteer with us!

We are blessed by the many volunteers who donate their time and talents to TryLife Center.

Our volunteers assist with client visits, sorting donations, building maintenance, planning special events and fundraising, and more on a weekly, biweekly, monthly, or an as-needed basis.

If you’d like to learn more about opportunities to help, contact clientservices@trylife.center or click here to see a full list of volunteer opportunities.

Ready to volunteer now? Click the button below!

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TryLife Center

TryLife Center provides free and ongoing support to families. Parents who are expecting or who are the biological or legal parent of a child under three are eligible to participate in our main program.


Through video streaming and other resources, clients choose from hundreds of topics to learn about. Many courses are built on evidence-based research, and health-related courses provide medically accurate information.

Topics include:

  • Pregnancy/Birth
  • Infant and child health/safety/milestones
  • Parenting and Coparenting
  • Building healthy relationships
  • Budgeting and managing financial emergencies
  • Facts about abortion
  • Facts about adoption

We offer group classes on topics such as navigating pregnancy, financial health, and positive parenting.  We also have a pregnancy and parenting library.

Peer Counseling

Through confidential peer counseling, we develop supportive relationships with our clients. Our goal is to help clients achieve their definition of wellbeing and success.

We offer support in areas such as:

  • Family and personal relationships
  • Goal setting
  • Parenting
  • Locating community resources
  • Pregnancy options

Disclaimer: TryLife Center does not provide mental or behavioral health treatment, and peer counseling is not a substitute for mental or behavioral health treatment, counseling, or therapy. If a client needs mental or behavioral health treatment, we refer them to a licensed professional.

Material Assistance

Because having a baby and raising a family is expensive, one in three families struggles with the cost of necessities such as diapers and wipes. It is challenging for these families to afford things like new car seats that meet safety standards. That’s where we come in.

Our store offers the following items at no cost to clients:

  • New cribs and crib mattresses
  • New car seats
  • Diapers and wipes
  • Formula and baby food
  • New and gently used clothing
  • Toys and books
  • Strollers and highchairs
  • Maternity clothing
  • Breast pumps and women’s sanitary items
  • And so much more!

Each item in our store has a “points” value. Clients earn “points” that are used to shop in our store area at no cost. Points are earned through participation in educational activities, peer counseling, support groups, or volunteering.

Emergency Support

We also offer emergency support to families in need. Here are a few examples of how we helped families in crisis:

  • A couple with an infant in walked four miles to our Center in need of diapers, formula, and baby food. We gave them the needed items and a bus pass to get home safely.
  • A pregnant woman experiencing homelessness asked if she could sleep in her car in our parking lot. Because the local women’s shelter had no room due to overcrowding, our staff took her home for the night. We helped her find housing the next day.
  • A client and her two children, ages 2 and 8, were living in a tent until their Section 8 housing became available. Once we learned this, we connected her with other community resources. As a result, she obtained funding to get the family into a home.

TLC Clinic

Our clinic and mobile medical unit are open to anyone in the community and provide the following services:

  • STD/STI Testing
  • Hepatitis C and HIV Screening
  • Pregnancy Testing
  • Limited OB Ultrasounds
  • Community Resources